dolichocephalic skull

dolichocephalic skull
долихоцефалический череп

English-Russian small dictionary of medicine. . 2015.

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  • Dolichocephalic — Dol i*cho*ce*phal ic (d[o^]l [i^]*k[ o]*s[ e]*f[a^]l [i^]k), Dolichocephalous Dol i*cho*ceph a*lous (d[o^]l [i^]*k[ o]*s[e^]f [.a]*l[u^]s), a. [Gr. dolicho s long + kefalh head.] (Anat.) Having the cranium, or skull, long to its breadth; long… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dolichocephalic, dolichocephalous — Having a disproportionately long head; denoting a skull with a cephalic index below 75. SYN: dolichocranial. [dolicho + G. kephale, head] …   Medical dictionary

  • dolichocephalic — [ˌdɒlɪkə(ʊ)sɪ falɪk, kɛ falɪk ] adjective Anatomy having a relatively long skull. Often contrasted with brachycephalic. Derivatives dolichocephaly noun Origin C19: from Gk dolikhos long + cephalic …   English new terms dictionary

  • dolichocephalic —   a. long headed; having skull of which maximum breadth is less than 80 per cent of maximum length.    ♦ dolichocephalus n. (pl. li ) such person.    ♦ dolichocephaly, n …   Dictionary of difficult words

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  • Cephalic index — is the ratio of the maximum width of the head multiplied by 100 divided by its maximum length (i.e., in the horizontal plane, or front to back). The index was widely used by anthropologists in the early twentieth century to categorize human… …   Wikipedia

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